What is it?

Myofascial Decompression (MFD) or cupping is a unique physical therapy techique used to treat muscle, soft-tissue, scar tissue, peripheral nerve dysfunction, and improve scar mobility. It is the only manual therapy technique that works by lifting muscles and soft-tissues rather than compressing them. We pair this with movement training to decrease pain/muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and improve movement efficiency.

One of its greatest uses is in relaxing overactive muscles and aiding in trigger point management by stimulating blood flow and nutrient exchange to local tissues.

Types of Cupping

What to Expect

Patients typically feel relief in muscle tension immediately following cup removal, which can last weeks. You are likely to get the classic circular bruises (like the swimmers in the Olympics) where the cups were placed. These bruises fade 1-2 weeks following treatment. There is minimal discomfort with cupping and it is usually described as a mild pinching. There is a possibility of mild soreness around the bruises, which only lasts a day or two.